Prof.. Neville Norman

International economist and business consultant.


Professor Neville Norman is an experienced academic economist, business advisor and communicator, dedicated to providing fresh, different and relevant insights and advice on business and economic conditions. He is a graduate of Melbourne and Cambridge Universities and was National President of the Economic Society of Australia, among scores of positions he has held.

Neville has researched and scripted special presentations in recent months, for live and Zoom audiences on:
• Our (State and Australian) Economy in the year(s) ahead, with CoVid-19 specific scenarios integrated therein;
• Budgeting your Business in 2022 with CoVid-sensitive forces embodied;
• Un-muddling “Modelling”: for the economy, your business cash-flows and CoVid [with expositions in plain words of Doherty, climate-change models;
• Housing price, stock/share prices ahead, with alternative scenarios for that delicate matter: interest rates [Is the RBA “promise” of no rate rises until 2024 tenable/responsible/sustainable – if not then what?]
• International Arrivals and our skilled labour supplies: What has happened? What next and so what?
• PPPP: Product selection (and turnover); Pricing; Promotion and Partnerships – the 4 levers of making business better
• E-commerce in businesses, large and small: evaluating what to do next
• Feasibility studies in making risky business decisions, to expand and change, or change anything (like PPPP)
• Famous Forecasting Flops and 10 other lessons for looking ahead in business
• Federal Budget Blowouts from CoVid and how sustainable they are, or not: what next?
[Many more – just a selection]
Neville is featured in the revered business briefing service, Business Essentials and in media, including the Australian Financial Review.

Among many linkages into these topics, Neville is involved continuously in economic research and economics presentations, was Head of the Government Economics of Immigration task-force that set the scene for Australian immigration for the last 3 decades, and has received awards for distinguished-quality teaching and business-audience presentations.

Neville provides new and implementable business-significant insights you will not hear anywhere else.


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