Rachel Berger

Comedian, MC, Presenter, Writer


Rachel Berger is one of Australia’s most highly regarded, adept, and adaptive comedic talents working variously as a comedian, broadcaster, novelist, columnist, agitator and television entertainer. Her material encompasses contemporary lifestyles, offering an hilarious and poignant expose of human foibles. Her dynamic presence and engagingly sharp observations have made her an extremely popular performer both live and on television, across Australia and overseas.

Current Work

Rachel believes that laughter is a powerful tool able to communicate a powerful message. She’s appeared at events as diverse as hosting a public forum on Climate Change with world-leading Climate Change expert Stephen Schneider to writing and performing in Diversity Works, an educational video for the Council for Equal Opportunity in Employment and as a special guest performer at a Positive Living Expo for Women with the overall aim to reduce the harm associated with gambling.

With her unique ability to connect with an audience, Rachel regularly works as a keynote speaker and MC. Currently Rachel is working on her second novel for Bonnier publishing. Her first novel Whaddya Mean You’re Allergic To Rubber published by Penguin in 2001 sold out faster than Judas.

Rachel’s high public profile has done much to establish the position of women in comedy providing a distinctive voice for women’s opinions and viewpoints.

Previous Experience

TelevisionRachel has thirty years experience across a range of clients and organisations. She’s featured in Stop Laughing This is Serious, a recent comedy documentary on ABC TV detailing the history of comedy in Australia. She’s appeared across all television networks in a variety of shows such as The Glass House, GMA, Good News Week, World Series Debating, The Big Gig, Hey Hey It’s Saturdayand Denton. She has also Co-hosted Comic Relief, a live to air special on the Nine Network and is a regular co-host & presenter on ABC Radio 774

Journalism:She’s also been a regular columnist for a number of publications including The Age, Sunday Age, Sunday Herald Sun as well as national magazines such as New Woman and Rolling Stone.


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