Rob Hamill

Marathon Rowing Champion


Whether it’s laugh out loud humour, inspiration or thought-provoking anecdotes and perspective, Rob Hamill’s deeply moving presentations has it all.

Marathon rowing champion Rob Hamill has been an International rowing representative for 16 years. Rob’s numerous rowing achievements include World Champs silver, Commonwealth gold and a world record on the indoor rowing machine.

Ambitious goal-setting, teamwork and overcoming adversity in multiple Atlantic Rowing Race campaigns is the spine of Rob’s presentations, accompanied by the challenge of following his brother Kerry’s journey into Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge genocide, the subject of the acclaimed and award-winning documentary Brother Number One. Rob’s account is a powerful and inspiring message on tenacity, hope, love and the last human freedom: the power to choose your attitude and how you respond to any given situation.

Current Work

Rob’s latest endeavour is perhaps the most challenging yet rewarding of all: To sail around with world with his wife and three sons; a challenge that will take two to four years to complete and is documented The Cruising Kiwis vlog.

Previous Experience

Author: Rob has published The Naked Rower, a fascinating account of how he and Phil Stubbs captured headlines around the world by winning the gruelling and inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race in 41 days. He then led teams to successful defences in the next two editions for a three-peat of victories.


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