Rob Redenbach

Streetwise Leader, Master Storyteller


After appearing regularly on Sunrise as a security commentator, Rob Redenbach attracted the attention of the business community.

He has since been featured in media outlets ranging from Business Review Weekly to Virgin Airlines’ in-flight magazine Voyeur.

Current Work:
Drawing from experiences that include working with the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela in South Africa and providing armed protection to aid-workers in the Middle East, Rob helps leaders and teams to reduce conflict and build trust.

Blending humour and hard facts, Rob’s keynotes and workshops have empowered conference audiences in 23 countries.

Rob’s formal education includes earning a Master of Arts (with Distinction) from CSU, studying Family Mediation at Bond University and completing Executive Education at Harvard. His informal education is outlined in his autobiography, What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard.

A master storyteller, Rob’s first audiobook Poetry For Men (who thought they’d never like poetry) was described by award winning journalist Melissa Doyle as “A beautiful idea and a fabulous voice”.

Rob has also narrated Jack London’s novel The Call of the Wild and he is currently recording a factual drama charting a combat veteran’s battle for survival – not in a war zone, but back home in Australia.


Talking Points
Leadership Without Rank