Robbi Mack

Elevating performance and raising resilience in organisations and teams.


Robbi Mack is the ‘Queen of HeartBeatz’ and has a passion for inspiring and amplifying the potential found in human connection. Robbi empowers people with the tools to integrate our minds, with messages from the heart. An expert in emotional intelligence she innately understands the importance of self-awareness, self-management, and the power of empathy in becoming our greatest selves.

Current work

Today, Robbi uses these same tools to empower individuals and corporate organisations to activate ‘HeartBeatz’. Enabling a deeper sense of emotional intelligence allows us to take personal responsibility for the choices we make in regards to human engagement in our personal and or professional lives. Her quest and long term vision is to connect people to themselves and others creating vital individuals, teams and organisations.

As a speaker, Robbi is a ‘five-foot firecracker’ who brings style and flare to any conference program. Spending most of her life onstage her presentation is a unique combination of enriching business content delivered with the execution of a world-class performer.

Previous experience

Performer: As a professional entertainer, singer and comedian Robbi spent the early years of her career becoming the masterful performer she is today. Those years were bright with spotlights and glitter. However, the lights dimmed when after the birth of her son she descended into deep postnatal depression.

Journey: This was combined with a family member’s collapse and homelessness from crippling alcoholism plus the death of her parents, adding to her overwhelming distress. The greatest sunrise comes after the darkest nights, and these challenges led Robbi on an inward journey to discover the transformative power of emotional intelligence.

Clown Doctors: These experiences led Robbi through destiny’s door when in 2004 she had the privilege of joining a global community of Clown Doctors inspired by Doctor Patch Adams.

Children’s Hospitals: Working for over a decade as the vivacious and compassionate ‘Doctor Have-a-chat’ at Sydney’s Children’s Hospitals, she experienced first hand the extraordinary power of the human heart. Robbi developed tools to use humour, empathy, and connection with a clear intention to initiate a sense of emotional well-being in children experiencing trauma. She witnessed first hand the power we have as individuals to influence others in a positive way.


Talking Points
The Power of Connection