Robyn Vickers-Willis

Maintaining wellbeing through midlife.


Robyn Vickers-Willis is a specialist in personal transition and midlife psychological development with 30 years’ professional experience.

Robyn is an outstanding speaker on creating health, well being and authentic relationships. She has a particular focus on the importance of self-awareness, self-care and refined interpersonal skills for navigating work and personal life transitions from midlife and beyond. A passionate and engaging speaker, her presentations provide clear, easy to implement strategies for improving quality of life as well as personal and professional relationships.

Previous experience

Background: Her background includes 12 years as an educational/child psychologist followed by 12 years in her own business consulting on corporate change management. For the past decade Robyn has specialised in midlife development. Her expertise has been sought in a variety of legal, medical, educational and financial bodies, as well as major corporate clients including BHP, Shell, North Limited’ URS, Brambles and Australia Post.

Media: As an authority on midlife psychological development, Robyn has made a multitude of media appearances, including on Sunrise and Today Tonight on Channel 7, as well as on a variety of national radio programs. In 2009 she has a regular spot discussing Midlife Matters on the ABC’s Life Matters and on the SBS radio program World View. Highly recognised by the press, articles on her work have been published widely, including in the ‘Age’, ‘Sydney Morning Herald’, ‘Herald Sun’ and ‘Weekend Australian’.

Author: Author of the best-selling Navigating Midlife: women becoming themselves and Men Navigating Midlife, her third book, Navigating the Empty Nest: re-creating relationships was released in 2008. She is currently completing a PhD at the University of Melbourne titled ‘Midlife Matters in Australia’.


Talking Points