Rodney Eade

The power of the elite coach.


Rodney Eade’s longevity as a senior coach at the highest level of Australian Rules Football for 17 Years, during which time he has coached over 377 games, is a testament to not only his talent, people management, tactical prowess but his ability to build and/or transform culture.

With his strong leadership and direction he has been able to transform culture from the board to the factory floor.

Based on this culture foundation, he has been able to plan to build high performing environments and teams.

Previous experience

Coaching the Sydney Swans in his first year as a senior coach (1996) he was able to transpose the Swans from the “ugly duckling” of the competition to finishing the season on top of the ladder as minor premiers, to participate in the Grand Final. In 1996 he also was awarded AFL Coach of the year.

Over the next few seasons, with the assistance of many people he was able to lay a foundation of culture which eventually became known as the “Bloods Culture”.

Transferring to the Western Bulldogs in 2005 he was able to infuse a great deal of confidence in the playing group and staff, that close enough was not good enough. Not to accept mediocrity.

Rodney was appointed senior coach of the Gold Coast Suns for the 2015 season and was given the task of transforming the culture of the young club. He has been credited with building a cultural foundation from which this club can grow.

Rodney Eade’s success has been based on a team first ethos and creating a culture of inclusiveness and alignment – from the President to the Bootstudder. With this approach he has been able to build high performing environments by displaying strong leadership and direction.


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