Sam Harrop

Entrepreneur, author and trainer.


Sam Harrop is an entrepreneur, author and trainer who specialises in helping people get stuff done. He comes from a successful career as an entrepreneur in South Africa, where he built and sold a number of fruitful businesses.

In 2008, Sam immigrated to Australia with his family to pursue his love of the outdoors, ongoing development of his entrepreneurial spirit and his aspirations in assisting others. He believes that we can improve Australia and ultimately the world by creating more profitable, sustainable businesses, thereby generating more jobs and more economic certainty.

Sam now mentors business owners and shares his knowledge and expertise through keynote presentations and workshops. He has worked with businesses in almost every industry, including manufacturing, construction, wholesale trade, retail, hospitality and leisure, transport, real estate and financial and insurance services.

Sam is the man that people call in when they want to ‘get stuff done’. With this in mind, a good friend and mentor suggested he write a book that will help people achieve outstanding results and learn how to use ‘accountability’: first for themselves and then with others. Getting Stuff Done is Sam Harrop’s first book.

Sam shows people how to figure out the right ingredients to success for their business and how to do the right things at the right time, and he makes sure that they do it. Everyone who works with Sam gets accountability with clarity and a plan. His input empowers the people he works with by making them feel more confident, inspired and motivated: they become more engaged and productive; they earn more; they have more time to do the things that are important to them.


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