Sam Soliman

IBF middleweight world champion.


Sam Soliman is a former IBF World Middleweight champion. He is a man and a boxer who has just about seen it all. Growing up on the streets of Brunswick where violence was never more than a step away, Sam could easily have fallen into a life of crime. But with the guidance of a loving family, Sam chose the right path. He found his direction and bearing working out in the gymnasiums of Fitzroy.

Such was his talent he became a world champion kick boxer. He is multi-disciplinary in martial arts having mastered Tae Kwan Do, Karate and Kick Boxing. From there he turned his attention to boxing and set about establishing himself as a man to be feared in the square ring. At the same time, Sam worked on himself as a human being developing into a genuinely caring person always going out of his way to support charities. Children with disabilities love him but to Sam, these kids just make him understand how lucky he is and how courageous they are.

He is considered one of the hardest trainers in world boxing and is known as “The Machine” in boxing circles when it comes to the fierce nature of his training regime under the guidance of one of Australia’s best boxing trainers Dave Hedgecock.

Outside the ring, Sam Soliman is a well-spoken gentleman with a quick wit and infectious smile. Sam has a charisma very few fighters possess. He not only lights up the room but when Sam enters a room, there is an aura about him. It is not just because he is a world-class fighter, but a genuinely decent person who does not carry airs and graces and always has time for others.

Sam is an excellent motivational speaker. When Sam talks, people listen. From AFL footballers to troubled kids, Sam has provided inspiration and direction. And Sam draws inspiration from the hundreds of people, particularly young people, with disabilities to whom Sam is both a hero and a father figure. When he is in the ring, Sam is not just fighting for himself, he is fighting for them.


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