Shane St James

Hypnotize your audience.


Shane St James

Since January 1995 when he launched his own spectacular stage show, Shane St James has dazzled the multitudes in well over a thousand performances. With world renowned hypnotist Martin St James as his father, it was always on the cards that Shane would follow him into the spotlight. Shane St James’ show is presented as a full production including spectacular lighting effects and full-on professional sound all operated by some of Australia’s best touring production personnel. We guarantee you will laugh until you are doubled over helplessly clutching your stomach with one hand while wiping away tears with the other.

It’s pretty scary business looking into Shane St James’ eyes. Not because his eyes look evil, but you never now exactly what might happen to you if you spend more than a second fixed to his dark brown orbs. He’s a hypnotist after all! His father has hypnotized more than 1 million people, and he has spent 15 years passing his expertise onto Shane; everybody knows that means Shane has a special power that makes you do things you don’t want to do.