Shelly Horton

TV Journalist, MC & Confidence Coach


Shelly Horton is the personification of confidence.

Imagine walking into every situation knowing “you’ve got this!” Shelly’s tailored approach to unleashing your confidence will help you kick doubt to the curb so you can speak up, step up and shine.

Current Work:

She’s a journalist, TV presenter, MC and runs her own company ShellShocked Media where she teaches media and presentation training. She runs The Confidence Course where she helps people find their inner Beyoncé.

Regularly called upon to host events for Business Chicks, Twinings and Triumph amongst many others, Shelly knows how to present key client messages weaving them into her own cheeky and honest delivery. Shelly has acted as MC and hosted Q&A sessions for conference events for over 1000 people, MC’d product launches and is an inspiring guest speaker at sit down business dinners and lunch events.

Shelly has a great sense of humour and can think on her feet. She knows how to relax a crowd or excite a group as needed. Wonderfully authentic and real, she is a renowned and trusted voice in the areas of news and entertainment, women’s issues and health.


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