Simon Madden

Improve your people, improve your business.


Simon Madden has a unique outlook on what it takes to be successful. With an initial career in education he still managed to fit in 19 years of Australian Rules Football at the highest level after making his debut at just 16 years of age.

Simon has a wealth of business experience in sales, marketing, media and information technology and now consults into organizations on “Sustainable High Performance” – how to “GET GOOD and STAY GOOD”.

Driven by his underlying belief that if you improve your people you improve your business, Simon is an engaging and entertaining speaker. Swapping between his “two hats” – his “serious hat” and his “funny hat” Simon has audiences changing their views on what it takes to be a successful. Combine this with a passion for improving people and you have a powerful presentation.

Current work

While he has never been far away from football and is now a Director of the Essendon Football Club he has not been content to just be involved in elite sport. He has continued to build his professional skills in business, media and high performance people development. Along the way he’s had television, radio, public speaking and presenting experience and has continually been sought by business, government, media, educational and sports bodies for his views on life, business and sport.

Previous experience

Captain: Attaining the position of Vice Principal he was also able to play 378 games for the Essendon Football Club, be named captain of the club and Victorian, play in two premiership teams and be selected as an All Australian. He also had a great deal of involvement in the AFL Players Association including time as president laying the foundations for the association’s present success. He is now a Life Member of the Association.

Management: After finishing his playing career he moved into the dynamic world of business and in sales and management roles successfully dealt with many large corporations and government bodies. During this time his football career was further acknowledged when he had the dual honour of being inducted into Essendon’s Hall of Fame as well as the AFL Hall of Fame.

Recognition: His impact on the game as well as that of his brother, Justin has also been acknowledged by the introduction of the Madden Cup for games between Essendon and Carlton and the AFLPA Madden Medal recognising the outstanding contribution that AFL Players make to football, family and the community.