Simon Tupman

Author, Workshop Leader and Facilitator.


Simon Tupman is a business researcher, speaker, author and authority on business growth. He works with forward-thinking organisations that want to grow by learning how to realise the potential of their leaders and their people.

Current Work

Simon is one of Australasia’s most experienced speakers. In over 25 years of researching and presenting only thing that hasn’t changed is the source of sustainable success in every business: it’s always their people. The future belongs to the companies that inspire their people, and Simon has made a career out of showing organisations how to inspire and adapt. He draws on the depth of his international experience and the breadth of his research to craft tailored presentations that he delivers with charisma and humour.

Previous Experience

Author:Simon is the author of Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas, Legal Eagles and Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas. He has been translated into Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Law:Simon draws on his considerable experience as a lawyer, court advocate, management consultant and professional speaker to deliver the right message at the right time. Accomplished at taking difficult briefs, he comprehensively researches the issues behind every presentation to ensure his message is customised exactly to meet each client’s objectives. His MBA coupled with over 20 years of presenting gives him a high level of corporate awareness and conference organiser.


Talking Points