Stephen Carroll

International health strategies expert.


Stephen Carroll is a sought after international expert on health strategies, specialising in men’s health, sexuality, relationships and gender equity, and a regular media commentator on these issues and more. Stephen is able to cross the personal and professional boarders with ease to deliver informative, memorable and entertaining presentations.

The author of The “Which?” Guide to Men’s Health: The Essential Health and Fitness Manual for Men and for Those Who Care About Them, as a working professional and a professional speaker, Stephen is able to provide the ‘best of both worlds’.

Presentations can be delivered as a workshop, keynote address or part of a training seminar. Stephen’s personal style enables him to present on a range of health issues with style, tact and humour ensuring that the audience receives information that is timely and relevant to suit the objectives of the program.

Issues concerning men’s health, particularly relationships, physical and mental health, depression and the impact of wellbeing on men both personally and professionally, are at last being brought to the fore and discussed.

It is now recognised that men’s health affects more than the individual. The health of men affects our very culture and society and needs to be addressed in all areas. For a number of reasons men in particular have had trouble accessing timely and relevant health care. Gone are the days of men just ‘toughing it out’.

With his men’s health programme, Stephen Carroll is able to offer men and their partners a way forward to greater understanding of better health and well being, which pays dividends for all.

These presentations are not just health chats – they are a call to action!

From professional and academic conferences to corporate meetings and from after dinner speaking to workshop planning, Stephen Carroll has talked his way around the world.


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