Stephen Hanman

Culture, Relationship & Collaboration. High Trust & Performance Leadership.


Stephen Hanman is an international speaker and award winning writer.

Stephen provides an insightful, warm, humorous, engaging and deeply pragmatic style to his presenting and keynotes. His other offers include, Business with an I Witness. Shift Happens!
WePlay-life without masks. Human Up! The Developing Organisation. The EQ Organisation. Blameless Reviews. The Pursuit of the Grail in Organisational Life.

Stephen is deeply personal and real delivering his message. His share of tragedy blended with his entrepreneurial approach provides a story worth listening to. His experience in the Supply Chain pioneering business Benchmarking Success coupled with his deep collaborative experiences and his Chair role at the Dyson Group of Companies provide a fresh story to how organisational life can be conducted. It inspires change and for people to strive to be the best versions of themselves. The idea of a Blameless review, or as the Architect called it, An Oops Meeting, brings smiles to many faces; importantly it also works.


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