Taku Scrutton

Cultural ambassador and founder, Ribbon of Africa.


Taku Scrutton is a Zimbabwe-born writer, comedian and podcaster based in Melbourne. Taku’s stories inspire people to celebrate their uniqueness and dream boldly.

Current Work

Her podcast Two Words with Taku, won the Writing + Podcast prize in frankie magazine’s 2018 Good Stuff Awards.

With over 10 years’ experience speaking to young people in schools and at youth leadership events, Taku has worked with organisations such as Halogen Foundation Australia, the Australia Day Council of WA, The Smith Family Foundation, Mission Australia, Mueller College and several schools and local government councils.

She is also producing a kids’ television series based on her picture book Multicultural Me, published in 2015. In 2017, Taku produced a radio play of her short story JoYOLO, which aired on Melbourne community radio station PBS FM.

Previous Experience

Speaking:In 2016, Taku was a guest speaker at the Youth Affairs Council of WA’s inaugural Catalyst Youth Summit in Perth and facilitated their first ‘Shout Out’ program, teaching public speaking skills to young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. In July 2018, Taku was announced as a host of The Moth StorySlam competition in Melbourne.


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