Tania Major

Inspiring and respected young Australian.


Tania Major is a Kokoberra woman from the remote community of Kowanyama in far North Queensland. She has been recognised as a leader and advocate for Aboriginal people at the national and state levels and within the communities of Cape York.

Tania recognises the importance of working with individuals to build skills and knowledge they need to define and pursue lives that are free from the bonds of intergenerational poverty.

Current work

In 2010 Tania established her consulting and advocacy business to address education and employment barriers remote Aboriginal people face. Tania has been leading a project to help build community engagement capacity with parents and teacher to work together with the aim of helping children succeed in school. The School Parents and Community Engagement project focus is on ‘one on one’ mentoring and a holistic support framework to empower and educate parents and carers about child development and the importance of their role in educating their children.

Previous experience

Speaking: Since 2002 Tania has publicly addressed many national and international forums, speaking on Indigenous and youth affairs as these relate to remote communities in Cape York.

Awards: In 2007 Tania was awarded Young Australian of the Year in recognition of her work. Tania’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Criminology), a Master in Public Policy from University of Sydney and a mother to a 4 year old boy.