Terry Robson

Success, happiness, work and life.


Terry Robson is a journalist, author, and broadcaster of wide experience. He is a lively, informed and engaging speaker who brings an entertaining blend of science, wit, philosophy, and inspiration to a variety of topics. Terry speaks on topics including (but not limited to):

– the psychology of success
– creating businesses that thrive
– the nature and pursuit of happiness
– the potential for living longer and ageing better
– how our history shapes our behaviour
– how your daily habits impact your life and work.

For more than 15 years Terry has worked as an on-air science and health correspondent for ABC radio stations around Australia. He has worked on air as a regular segment presenter in a similar capacity for Network TEN, Channel 7, NBN Television, and SKY News.

Current Work

Terry is a successful and entertaining podcaster. He has co-hosted the podcast Strange Days Indeed with renowned comedienne Wendy Harmer. He also co-hosted one of the ABC’s most successful podcasts, Talking Health. Terry currently hosts the Good Company with Terry Robson podcast, heard on Qantas in-flight entertainment where he talks to leaders in business about the future of work, wellness in the workplace and the ideas that will keep business evolving.

Terry is the Editor-in-Chief of WellBeing magazine, Editor of EatWell magazine and writes as a freelance journalist. He has written five books including Failure IS an Option, Deep Health and The Food Bible. Terry has also written columns for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sunday Age and has hosted his own successful shows on ABC Local radio (The Happiness Show and The Bite), broadcasting to 60 radio stations nationally.

When he has a spare moment, Terry enjoys writing screenplays and has written an award-winning short film.

Previous Experience

Terry studied at The Australian National University and the University of Sydney. He has degrees in psychology, archaeology, and naturopathy.


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