High-energy interactive entertainment.


Impro Australia (IA) is the industry leader in the area of corporate training using the skills of improvisation and theatre sports.

For over 25 years, IA has taught business professionals how to work off the top of their heads without a script. These Theatresports® masters combine a highly engaging and challenging workshop with practical exercises, lessons and tips for those in the corporate world. We’ll show your team how to think faster on their feet, successfully generate and build on ideas and inject spontaneous, genuine humour into potentially stressful situations.

Improvisation skills help create a united group dynamic, where staff respond instantly and productively to each others’ input. The result is an inclusive, more nimble and resilient outfit, able to listen accurately and work quickly towards solutions. Not only will your people acquire practical tools, it is also one of the funniest and most entertaining workshops they will ever experience.

Plus, if your organisation has a key objective when enlisting our team, we will design a specific program of demonstrations, exercises and explanations to achieve the desired outcomes.

IA conducts workshops and training courses across Australia. Our company holds the Australian Trade Mark for Theatresports®, the spontaneous theatre format staged in Sydney since 1985 and the basis for TV shows such as Thank God You’re Here! and Whose Line is it Anyway? Infinitely adaptable, consumate communicators, Impro Australia’s team can bring out the best in your conference, in your colleagues in your company or concept.

Impro Australia training programs are ideal for…

• Staff Training – tangential and creative thinking, communication skills, active listening and humour in the workplace.
• Cultural Change – engaging, positive, fun tactics for implementing new policies, strategies or changes to the workplace.
• Team Building – aligning teams from different departments, offices or regions, replacing silos with synergy.
• Embedding Corporate Values – turning words into ways of working by exploring and illustrating key behaviours, workday applications and reminders.
• Conferences – memorable, high impact openers, impro comedy ‘mingle sessions’ to introduce delegates to each other in an interactive and informal way, specific topic break-out sessions and short re-energising ‘brain breaks’.
• ‘Jest To Recap’ – our top duo observes your speaker’s session and immediately follows it up with a comedy sketch written on the spot, based on highlights from the presenter’s material. Distilling the session into a hilarious 5 minute ‘best-of,’ our very improvised characters recap the key messages and moments of strong audience connection to the content. A sure-fire way to ensure that the main points of a presentation resonate, are remembered and that the session finishes on an emotional high.
• Product Promotions – creative, fresh approaches to introducing new products and knowledge to your organisation or your clients. Our corporate comedians can create high impact stories and connections with their witty interactions and amazing variety of instant characters.