Ticky Fullerton

Acclaimed journalist and presenter.


Ticky Fullerton is Business Editor at Large of The Australian Newspaper.

She is an award-winning journalist and a household name in Australian business circles, with over twenty years at News Corp and the ABC, including as Business Editor and presenter at Sky News and as an investigative reporter with Four Corners.

Current Work:

Ticky is a director of the Australia British Chamber of Commerce and a former director of the CRC for Irrigation Futures.

She is also a sought after speaker and experienced MC working at major corporate events in Australia.

Previous Experience

Finance: Prior to journalism, Ticky spent ten years in investment banking with CS First Boston in Britain and Australia.

Author: Ticky is the author of Watershed, the first comprehensive book on the water challenges facing Australia.

Education: Ticky has a law degree from Oxford University and was Treasurer of The Oxford Union Society.