Tofe Evans

Endurance athlete, limit pusher


To some, he’s known as that kid who ran a race down the slopes of Mt Everest… but most of the time he gets called ‘crazy’ more times than his name. All for the right reasons though.

Tofe Evans is a firm believer of pushing the boundaries of what the human body and mind are capable of, he is constantly reinventing himself to advocate how anyone can rise above and be the best versions of themselves.

His first book is set to be published in 2018.

The journey Tofe has been on these past few years have not only shaped his character but his endurance career literally saved his life… For the ones that are screaming to get out of that deadly deep dark rabbit hole known as ‘adversity’, you’re in good hands. Here is someone who knows this field exceptionally well with his fair share of the destructive toxin. And where you may not think you’ll come out of this dismal state, Tofe will guide you in the right direction with his lived experience.

Brace your seats because you’re about to embark a wild ride – a culmination of despair, mental health struggles, hardships, endurance, and more importantly, resilience.

An inspiring and motivational speaker, audiences are always blown away by Tofe’s presentations.