Tom Berger

Mindreader, mentalist and entertainer.


With a background in computer engineering and computational statistics, Tom Berger has studied and broken down human behaviour for nearly 25 years.

Previous experience

He spoke German before learning English in Australia, then immigrating to South Africa as a child, had to learn Afrikaans. Tom realised the human body was a billboard as he deciphered childrens non-verbal actions to understand what was being said.

He simplified verbal and non-verbal cues, creating what he calls “Speed Reading People” in real time to rapidly profile and predict behaviour.

Current work
This is the basis of his 24 year running MindGames show, where he shows ‘your thoughts are written all over your face.’ It’s a mini X Files on stage that uses extensive audience participation to wow the audience. And during the show, you’ll get glimpses into how to read people and influence their behaviour too. It’s fun, intriguing and intercative….that’s why most testimonials say….”everyone is still talking about it!”

His keynote is The Buying Brain – unlocking The Mind’s Buying Triggers. How and why are we influenced to buy one product over another? How are we persuaded to say YES over a range of products and services? The latest research shows that most of our decisions happen at an unconscious level, yet most marketing and advertising tries to appeal to the conscious rational brain.

Tom has used thousands of performances of his MindGames show as a human laboratory to statistically analyse and determine how the mind compares and decides, how invisible psychological triggers and visual techniques can influence decision making and get people to say YES.

You’ll learn to appeal to the unconscious limbic mind that makes most of our decisions, how to speed read buying and selling signals, how to project trust and confidence verbally and non verbally so that people are more likely to do business with you.

You’ll learn the brains buying triggers, what makes people say YES, as well as getting insight in linguistic and non verbal cues which allow you to speed read people and see what is going on in their head.

This is an infotainment experience where content is interspersed with punchy entertainment segments to highlight important techniques. This makes it a great conference opener or closer.


Talking Points
The Buying Brain - Unlocking The Minds Buying Triggers
The Lying Game
It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Hear!