Vegas Opera Dudes

High energy operatic cabaret.


Vegas Opera Dudes, high energy operatic caberet performance.

Opera goes Vegas! From Pavarotti to Tom Jones. From Mozart to Tony Bennett.

Big numbers, big voices coupled with sequined gold jackets makes this show an absolute hit! ‘Opera-tainment’ at its very finest!

From the creators of The Three Waiters, Vegas Opera Dudes is an energetic ‘operatic cabaret’ encompassing some of opera’s greatest hits.

A Vegas Opera Dudes performance is funny, yet sophisticated. Three wildly talented guys have created an inventive, jazzy and audience engaging show.

These dudes continue to bring even the toughest audiences to their feet with their sensational voices and tongue in cheek humour.

From small dinner parties through to huge extravaganzas, Vegas Opera Dudes has been designed to suit a wide range of events and audience demographics.