Walter Mikac

Maximising every moment.


Walter Mikac is an inspirational man and an inspirational speaker.

Current work

He is co-founder of The Alannah & Madeline Foundation, formed in honour of his two daughters and their mother who were killed at the Port Arthur massacre.

He speaks with passion, experience and conviction about overcoming adversity, maximizing every moment and striving for life-balance. Walter’s message is valuable on both the personal and corporate basis and includes a consideration of making better decisions to increase productivity. It’s a profound and timeless message certain to motivate you and your team.

Walter has now moved into another phase of his life. He is remarried and has a young daughter. He is ready to share his story with others, in the hope of inspiring us to be better people. He delivers a compelling message from someone admired world-wide for his strength in adversity.

Walter can also be engaged in tandem with his wife, Channel 7 news and sports reporter Kim Sporton. Having interviewed everyone from Greg Norman to Prime Ministers, Kim now specialises in teaching clarity in communication. She also speaks with humour and sensitivity about her marriage to Walter.

Previous experience

Gun laws: Following the events of Port Arthur, Walter successfully lobbied the Prime Minister and other government heads, to bring about reforms to the national gun laws.

Author: He has addressed the national press gallery in Canberra, published books, and spoken to many media organizations world-wide in his quest to bring something positive from such tragedy.