Yemi Penn

Researcher (PhD), Engineer, Author & Curious Rebel


Yemi Penn is a global thought leader on how to ignite your Rebellious Curiosity at an individual, team and organisational level.

An Engineer by profession, Entrepreneur by passion Yemi fuses analytical thinking with creativity to produce superior outcomes. She is an advocate for challenging status quo, being a disruptor in all industries to bring about innovative and sometimes radical change.

She is a champion and steadfast advocate for equality and equity in STEM fields, inviting individuals to tap into their self-empowerment using her bespoke ‘pain to power’ mapping technique which unlocks their unique resilience blueprint.

Yemi is a force to be reckoned with and has inspired audiences across Australia, the United Kingdom, Africa and the United States, where she has delivered a TED talk on the TEDx Ocala stage in Florida.
Yemi’s superpower is meeting people wherever they are.

Current Work:

Yemi is a sought-after global speaker and facilitator on Belonging, Liminal Thinking and Transformation. She was the opening keynote speaker for PwC’s recent signature experience, ‘The Outside’, which saw over 3,000 of their staff experience a transformational residential over 3 days in NSW’s Hunter Valley region across five weeks.

Yemi’s keynotes go beyond a typical presentation of inspiration; she moves her audience to action by inviting them to start with ‘self’. She has a unique ability to cut through surface-level conversation by asking high-quality questions. She has recently designed and facilitated round table discussions with BT, SalesForce, PayPal, Macquarie Bank and Commonwealth Bank on Gender Equity in cyber security, as well as discussed the emerging challenge businesses face in bringing teams back into the physical working space.

Yemi is a chameleon across industries. She recognises the common thread is people and connection; once this is established in its most authentic form, wellness, transformation, and productivity can be achieved in any organisation.

Deep dive sessions following her keynote presentations are one of her specialities where people get the deepest learning and change. Through these deep dives, Yemi holds space for the conversations to go where it needs to, inviting the attendees to ignite their rebellious curiosity by asking and answering high-quality questions.

Previous Clients:

Speaker: Yemi has spoken at ANSTO, Hammond Care, University Technology of Sydney, NAWIC, WSP, Hitachi ABB, Business Chicks, Reckitt and many more.

She also represented Australia at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, forming part of the Female Founders Mission group and spoke at the Women’s Economic Forum in London.

Media: Yemi has featured in a number of worldwide media outlets sharing her story and tips for people to change theirs. This includes The Age, Sky News,, Australia News, Women’s Agenda, Refinery29, MI Woman, Engineers Australia, ABC radio and more


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Igniting your Rebellious Curiosity
Liminal Thinking
Shame & Trauma Resilience
How to be an Ally
Deep Dives
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