JoAnna (JJ) Ferrari

The Transition Specialist


JJ Ferrari is someone guided by her intuitions, curiosity, creativity and
her love for people. She’s someone who has always loved risk, uncertainty, learning and challenges, that being said, nothing could have prepared her for what she would experience when she transitioned her gender from male to female at 53 years old.

As JJ explains “At one point the fear and losses I endured were so debilitating, it nearly took my life. If I was going to survive I would need to find a way to love, trust and accept myself and learn to believe again in what I was capable of achieving. My biggest realisations was that I wasn’t having a transgender experience, I was having a human experience”.

Current Work:

Today JJ is successfully challenging audiences to turn Fear Into Confidence, Become a Genius@work and to go on A Journey Back To Wholeness. She believes her purpose as a speaker
is not just to tell the audience a great story, but to give adaptive tools and encourage hope in
them so they’ll keep going, keep creating and enjoy a better and better life.

A Snapshot of JJ’s Professional Successes
• CEO for Anthony Robbins AU
• The Interim CEO and executive of corporations in three countries.
• International Business Speaker and Trainer.
• Coached and consulted to businesses in over 140 different industries.
• Ran 300 seat call centres that catered to high end and luxury clients
• 17 years experience as performance coach with top corporate executives.
• Overseen sales and marketing for major brands in Australia and overseas.
• Received a standing ovation for my 2016 TEDx Melbourne presentation entitled “Your Secret


Talking Points
Fear into Confidence
Harnessing the Power of Transitions
The Communicator’s Edge