Laurel Papworth

World leading social media authority.


Laurel Papworth was named by Forbes™ Magazine as a Social Media Influencer globally, is a Cert IV adult education trainer and Marketing Magazine named her Head of Industry, Social Media for Australia. Laurel personally reaches 6.8 million people a month through her social media channels.

Laurel Papworth’s social media clients include United Nations, Idol and Masterchef, Independent Schools, fashion and lifestyle brands, Westpac bank, Ministry of Health Singapore, Parliament House, Canberra as well as a number of politicians and political parties.

Current Work

As a workshop facilitator Laurel provides training for large enterprises, small business, government departments and not for profits on developing online community strategies, social media campaigns and guidelines. From tactical How to Create a Content Calendar and Schedule to strategic Policies on Engagement and Social Media Crisis Comms there are a variety of workshops available for staff and stakeholders to develop and implement.


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