Lynne Schinella

Masterful communication in the 21st century.


Lynne Schinella is a business speaker and facilitator who works with organisations to help them connect with influence and respect.

At the basis of all Lynne’s work is that when we take to the time to understand and respect each other’s differences, we can connect more effectively, we have less stress, greater productivity, and we get better results.

Her signature keynote, Working With People You Just Don’t Get, has broad application for any audience and most effective used early where her lighthearted but valuable information can help set the scene and provide a language for the remainder of the conference.

Using her Fruit Personality Profiling Tool developed in 2004, she has trained thousands of people on the strengths and challenges of being an Apple, Mango, Lime and Banana and how this impacts the workplace.

Lynne’s audiences value her practical, down to earth approach, her ease at connecting across all levels, her honest and engaging delivery and her ability to make the complex simple and relevant.

Lynne is the author of Bite Me! And Other Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing With Our Differences, and Pick Me! Loving and Living With People We just Don’t Get. She is the host of podcast Fruitful Conversations and Fruitful Pairs.

Previous experience:

Training: Creator of the Fruit Personality Profiling System in 2004, Lynne has trained thousands of people on how to work with the strengths and challenges of being an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana. Lynne has her audiences focus on understanding these different behavioural types so they can work more effectively together, creating an engaged and productive workforce and a workplace culture of trust, empathy and respect for diversity.
Tourism: Starting in the tourism industry at Qantas, Continental Airlines, UTA French Airlines, Hyatt and Radisson Hotels, Lynne worked with a range of cultures and religions rich in eclectic experience. She studied how the Tahitians, French and Chinese carved out a successful existence through respecting their differences when she lived in Tahiti for 3 years.
Diversity: For ten years she ran Schinella Incentives, a performance improvement company, where she learned that the most successful teams were the most diverse – able to identify and acknowledge their differences, leverage their strengths and build trust and respect.
So when Lynne established Ripe Learning in 2001, it was natural her consulting, workshops and keynotes had a strong message of understanding and celebrating our differences, whether personality, gender, culture, generation or anything else.


Talking Points
THINK DIFFERENTLY TOGETHER: aka Working with People You Just Don't Get