Troy McCann

Engineer, Investor and Founder of Moonshot


Troy McCann has been passionate about space and the future of humanity since seeing the moon in detail through a telescope as a small child.

However, growing up in Australia with no space industry, he had resigned to the idea that this career would never be an option. This changed later in life while completing a degree in electrical engineering at the University of Melbourne when he learned of CubeSats, which led him to found the Melbourne Space Program, a volunteer body concerned with the Australian space industry’s development.

Current Work:

Troy combined his passions for technology and entrepreneurship in multiple businesses that he started during and after graduating from university.

Following university, Troy founded MoonshotX: an organisation dedicated to the cultivation of space innovation ecosystems worldwide. Moonshot searches for solutions to complex problems that will lead to a more resource-abundant future for humanity.

Today, Moonshot is a global catalyst for humanity to enrich and expand our world inward and outward. It grows and invests in technology businesses that leverage and integrate frontier locations into our world.

Troy was ranked the 13th most influential global new space business leader of the NewSpace People Global Ranking Report for 2020.


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